Before you begin thinking about what your career will be, take some time to become an expert on you.

Janet Cranford

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My purpose as a Career Coach is to instill strategies of development by exploring:

  • Awareness and assessment of self.
  • Theoretical and practical applications of skill set both technical & soft.
  • Nurturing and maintaining a powerful and purposeful network.

I specialize in goal setting, authentic leadership, mentor-matching, and branding.

  • 1:1 sessions – consultation, advising, and assessment overview
  • Group instruction – workshops, seminars, and laboratory hours

My vision is to empower individuals to bring life to successful plans that

  1. challenge notions of professionalism,
  2. strengthens leadership to add value to our world,
  3. perceives problems, no matter how big or small, as opportunities.

Through collaboration and challenge, I help others enhance their leadership with ownership of their strengths, commitment to nurturing their areas of growth, and through becoming an opportunity maker.


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