Double Espresso Con Panna

I kindly asked strangers in NYC to take some photos of me; they kindly obliged.
I kindly asked strangers in NYC to take some photos of me; they kindly obliged.

*Written on March 10*

Here I am, back at the writing, or pencil pushing as I like to call it. Of course once again, I wait until my visit to the big apple to get back to the blog. With every trip that I make, I am satisfied. Not just to New York, but in general, my journeys give me a sense of fulfillment that the great state of Rhode Island just can’t give me. No shade to my state, which in my opinion, is lovely; but sometimes, you need that time to miss places where you’re comfortable and familiar, like home.

I’m excited to be here in New York City as the quintessential travel junkie that I am. I’ve spent the day fairly serendipitously, and if I may, I’d like to commend myself being savvy with the pockets. I caught the 6:15 a.m. Megabus from Providence. With the recent daylight saving’s time, a piece of the morning has been stolen to provide us with longer days. So there I was, running down Canal St. in what was actually Providence’s five o’ clock in the morning state of mind. There wasn’t much sound around… just the rumbling of Amtrak’s train tracks and the scuffling of my boots as I ran for the bus in what is still an icy city. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I was running at all. I suppose I’m so used to running late that it was only natural that when I saw the bus sitting dormant on the street, that I would take hike as I do often in my commutes whether by public transit, on foot, or in my tiny compact car. I spent most of the long but most indefinitely cheap ride sleep. Soundlessly, which is unlike this woman’s roaring snore. Admittedly, it’s bad.

Having arrived to New York, almost five hours later after a stop and go trip to the city, I maintained focused on my first mission — to Ground Zero. I’ve taken both selfish and selfless trips to NYC, catering to my own by giving myself what I’m notorious for – “me” days – where I kind of just pick up and go – and others, where I make the trip to the city as the bag lady that I am, with a birthday outfit packed ready to celebrate a friend. Back again, I wanted to do something different, something that I thought I should have done sooner – to visit the 9/11 Memorial. I took Subway 1 down toward South Ferry St. and made my way off my cart on Rector St. which took me a block away from what used to be the big apple’s twin towers or World Trade Center. Now, the financial district is still under construction but in the midst oft loud chaos of rebuilding what was an infamous symbol of New York’s glory, but you can also find a reflective area in tribute to the lives lost on September 11, 2001. Like many, I still remember where I was that very day.

Following my time at One World Trade, I enjoyed the rest of the City trying things like Chicken and Waffles in the Lower East Side, catching up on a couple of chapters of one of my new reads in a café, and taking a double espresso shot with whip cream or con panna in SoHo. As my afternoon closed on me, I made my way to the Empire State building for an exclusive event with the URI Alumni Association. It was my first time in the building that is known to hover NYC’s fellow skyscrapers.I joined other professionals on the 22nd floor for a tour of the LinkedIn offices and meet-and-greet with other alumni. It was certainly enjoyable and worth the trip. Reuniting with a friend or mentee was certainly a highlight. There’s something incredible about people going their own way yet meeting again only to recognize that they have grown together. Although there was time apart, experiences were still shared, and progress still continued.

I’ve learned this is natural in life – in relationships and in lessons. Must we be so stubborn about progress? We should remember to take time, walk away from those things of which we hope for, only with trust, knowing that when we return, an experience will have been made, and progress will have occurred



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