Just A Thought

Currently thinking about what life would be like if we were granted the red easy button. Rather for the purpose of making things elementary, but with aims of withdrawal. Simply put, to be the delete button to life that we’ve all been waiting for. This is no somber dear diary entry or letter of concern. It’s more of a call to my own self to embrace this desire of selfishness that I’ve certainly ignored for long. There’s only so much that one can do and give in this world and I rarely preach a practice that ceases kind intentions because the same are not returned. However, I am writing in a moment where I am assessing my own burdens and wonder when and why they have become my own, when in reality the rooted issues are from others. God bless the people who can endure such heaviness while maintaining a divine poise. I’ve walked that walk many times before but weary is the soul and empty is the heart. It is not a blameless affliction. Condemnation lies in my very own hands and makes strides in my mind. Moments filled with thoughts, beliefs, just down right senseless convincing that change is possible. Trust me, this is no question to my faith, my gift of faith — but it is a concern to the very hope that I’ve held onto for years. Hope that has compelled me to an unruly confidence, a matter of persuasion, and an interest in the new. Hope is good, it brings life and light, but is hope beyond the self in good health? Just a thought.


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