There’s A First Time For Everything

View from Nordstrom Café
View from Nordstrom Café

On this first day of the 2014 year, I am pleased to be bringing in the new year in a somewhat of a café in Providence. It’s my first time sitting in the Nordstrom Café of the Providence Place Mall. I say, ‘somewhat’ because it reminds me of a restaurant or dining area, rather than a cozy café. Nevertheless, I purposely chose the booth seats that flaunt a gorgeous mix of the eastside hills, our train station, and some of Providence’s corporate neighbors hugging the skyline.

I’m not only here to be a detestable customer just ordering a small cup of tea while I occupy seats for four, but to enjoy myself and do some writing. And, following this quick pencil pushing I’ll get to my Budget Book. I’m indifferent to it in that I no longer have to refer to budgeting in regards to my graduate class, which is finally over; but instead, I’m talking about my own personal savings and expenses.

With my take off to Paris happening in less than 7 days it’s important to make sure that I head over to the City of Lights with a mindset to value every dollar or euro for that matter. I intend to put myself on a tight budget. Thankfully with an almost two year past of living along the poverty line in my early career as an AmeriCorps VISTA, I do particularly well at doing much with very little. Of course, this also comes with the accrued wisdom of growing up in a low-income 8 family home.

I could certainly do some of this work in the comfort of my apartment, but penny punching isn’t exactly the most fun activity and it can sometimes bear migraines. With a fresh atmosphere and an unconventional environment, I can stay motivated and focused. Coddling myself in a climate such as this will be a great start to developing my list firsts as well – my index of free or cheap firsts along the Seine River and other areas of Paris and even London. A future archive of world-class sights all at my finger tips, strategically placed in an VISTA alum’s itinerary or budget. I couldn’t be more excited for this journey.

And I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come for this year in general. I woke up thinking, I hope on the last day of this year that I can honestly say, I want next year to be even better than this one. We often attribute New Year’s to a positive start, which is great, but then look at the close past as horrendous memories. For myself and hopefully for you, may this year be one of many firsts, because there are never enough of those, but may it also be an attractive glimpse into your wonderful past and a foundation to the progress of your future!

Happy New Year!


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