British Boomerang


What goes around, comes around. We’ve heard it all before. A well known quote that often reminds people of the Justin Timberlake and Timbaland hit made several years ago. This time, the message isn’t being issued by pop stars; the prophetic is being left to British talent and soul singer, Alice Russell.

I discovered this sultry artist at a local Starbucks just a couple of weeks ago. Although I did not meet the blonde beauty, my Shazam music-finder application uncovered her physical attributes. I was almost sure the songstress booming out of the coffee shop’s speakers was a black woman, but I was wrong. Thanks to the enjoyment and lavish of the perfect birthday gift card, I ordered my typical lemon cake and took a seat with a friend at the Starbucks of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Providence. I sat in my favorite arm chair, by the flameless fireplace, perfectly angled to view the entire cafe and the beginnings of Dorrance Street. It’s a great place for multitasking pastry endulgence, conversations, and obviously people watching.

During one of my first bites into the always tasty lemon cake and recap of my birthday festivities, my ears warranted a change. Suddenly I was being waned from the soft sounds of my nibbling and the humorous adlibs of my 25th birthday accounts, turning my attention fully to the raspy yet attractive voice coming out the music system. I tried to ignore it; to keep my mind and listening ears steady on conversation, but the pull was strong.

As the song continued I knew its finish would arrive soon. I apologized in advance for my defiance toward etiquette and scurried my body and iPhone toward the nearest speakers. Just in time, before the song’s final fading, I was able to catch the tag. It was a song by Alice Russell called “Different.”

Since then, the memory has become two weeks old and I have added this woman and her wonderfully raspy voice to my Spotify playlist. As I was playing the album today, I was intrigued by the lyrics in her song “Heartbreaker Pt. 2.” The words proclaim the karma of a broken heart. With the sounds of a bass, piano, and sporatic drumming, she lets us know, “if a broken is heart is what you give, then a broken heart is what you get.” This was a bittersweet reminder for me and my own heartaches. Despite the pain that someone can inflict upon you, there may be a senseless love that wants to stop the boomerang of their karma. However, even with a possible struggle, what goes around, always comes back around.


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