Bogus Passion

There seems to be a universal deed that is surmises individuals to find their passion and use it for good. I support this totally, but it has put so much pressure on people to choose something and call it a passion.

Sometimes we discover things that we like, and they are simply just that — things that we like. And if you’re like me, if you like something, you partake in that something a lot. I never stop at just liking the thing because there’s always a need for more. For example, whenever I really digg a song, I listen to it. And then, I listen to it again, and again, and you guessed it again. For some reason my enthusiasm for the song is driven to a quick obsession of it. The sick part is that this goodwill that the universe expects of us is not anticipating bogus passions.

We all have those things in our life that we feel compel us in many ways. It’s spooky if you think about it. We think it’s magical because it’s enchanting to desire something that we find uncontrollable. The question is what exactly is this ‘thing’ that is bewitching us – forcing us to compromise our principles, change our ways, and stifling our sensibility. I’ve come to learn that in no way is this magic. As amazing as it feels, we’re putting ourselves in an eerie state. We’ve succumbed our inhibitions for only a taste of our unfruitful passion that isn’t even promised.


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