Obama v. Romney In A Microwave Society

It’s absolutely disturbing that there are people who really think nothing will change regardless of an Obama or Romney win this Tuesday. Those who know me well understand that I’ve been following this presidential campaign closely, even before pizza king, Herman Cain. Remember him? How could you forget about the strongest form of comedy we had during this campaign? Anyway, back to the changes that will be made — conceivably it could be my over exposure to all things political over the past 6 months that paints this vivid picture of radical differences of this campaign; but then I shake myself out of this excusing for the sake of a people who have underscored the fundamental differences of the direction of this country.

There are individuals who stay true to what they would call a fact in that nothing will change after this election. And so I laugh and then I stop laughing, because I realize how stupid that comment is. Yes, you might wake up Wednesday morning and your cereal will taste the same but the changes that can be made even beyond the possibility of a liberal incumbent finishing the race or a new two-term Republican are significant and surpass four years or even eight years for that matter.

It could be my own bias but I don’t think the media nor have the candidates pressed the issue of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) serving as an acquisition to the extremities of stances of each candidate, or in particular parties for this matter. Yes, the Supreme Court, the third power in our branches of government. Currently there are four justices who are 70+ years old overseeing judicial regards of this country. This leaves us with the possibility or as some may call it an inevitability of at least two justice seats seeing vacancy over the next four years. Although Obama could be reelected and leave Pennsylvania Avenue in the next four years, or the same with Mitt but seemingly with eight years, the appointments of the justices of SCOTUS are lifetime terms — we’re talking about changes that can inadvertently be made over decades. Scary, huh? Um, yes! Why? Because the President nominates these individuals. With the possibility of two vacant seats comes the shift in power on the SCOTUS. The agendas of both wings right and left may not be as clear from a judicial standpoint but they will be examined by these justices and it does not stop there, but ultimately ruled on or over. Romney has already vowed that Obamacare would be on the line, and then there’s other issues gaining attention, but nearly not enough, those being immigration, abortion, and affirmative action — all issues we are either seeing in our courts presently or have already seen. Yes, there’s the beauty of precedence but we’re also talking about the highest level of appellate jurisdiction here.

At this point all I can do is stay tuned. Both candidates are holding firmly onto the final thoughts of undecided (middle class, independent) voters. With less than 24 hours before the media begins emerging predictions and the United States has declared its 45th President of the US, it’s unbelievable that there are people clenching their chins overcome with indecisiveness. And then there are those in our microwave society who are in true denial about the differences between red and blue in the US. If they don’t see change right away, they just don’t believe it. Well believe me baby, whether you don’t see it on Tuesday or not, change very well may be on its way.


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