Investing In Life Is Saving Life

I’m happy to be touching the lives of students everyday, but the recent span of shootings have me disheartened for young people who don’t make it to college. It really makes me question the interests of our community leaders (not limited to municipal officers) and their efforts in keeping our neighborhoods safe.

There’s a huge lack of opportunity for young people. I’ve learned that the hierarchy of needs begins with Physiological Needs, Safety, and Belonging — and there’s not enough of it. After school programs which serve as safe havens for youth are continuously losing funding and diplomas leave high school graduates competing with adults for minimum wage jobs. In higher education, policies are implemented that supposed to promote fundamental skills but only create inequality; therefore, many talented young people don’t make it to college. And even if they do, there’s the battle of transitioning to a demanding collegiate culture with troubles in their community clouding them. Non-profits are helping, but serving a lot of the same students which continues to leave out many potential youth.

And then there’s me, advising students in a campus support program, engaging in community efforts at the university, in my church, and in a local non-profit; BUT it’s still not enough! I know I can’t do everything, but the least we can do is question the authority of our community leaders and their REAL INTEREST in keeping our neighborhoods safe. Investing in life is saving life — so I ask, where are those investments?


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