Embrace Yourself – A Black Woman’s Transition

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my natural hair experience. It’s been a year and four months since I began my transition and I must say it’s been absolutely liberating. There have been challenges, insecurities, and many doubts along the way, but I’ve realized the beauty in embracing my true self. I watched a video today that allowed me to recall a time in my life where I invested so much energy, time, and money in satisfying society’s perception of what my hair ‘supposed’ to be. Hair extensions and chemical relaxers were apart of my budget, none of which provided nourishment towards my natural hair. I would never leave the house in my hair’s most natural state because of embarrassment and frustration. And I rarely ever considered the upkeep of my own follicles of glory.

The video I’ve included in this post provides us with a glimpse into a woman’s natural hair experience. She explores her own insecurities and resistance toward the new embark. Most importantly she briefly provides historical trends among women of color and their hair. While I do understand my hair journey to convey a message, I never really understood it to be as political as it is.

Although I’m getting my hair straightened this evening (by means of strictly blow drying), I’m also getting it treated, meaning giving it the maintenance that I would once ignore. Trims, oil treatments, and conditioners all attribute to growth. I’m looking forward to seeing that this evening and knowing that even though my hair will be straight, in the same it won’t be stripped of its beauty.

A Black Woman's Transition

Tried to embed the video, but obviously had troubles. Don’t let that keep you from clicking the link.


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