In Another Life…

Let’s play a game. It’s one of my favorites and I promise it’s really simple. Before we start I should mention it’s not much of an actual game, it’s more of statements that I allow my imagination to draw together. Anyway, here we go.

In another life I would…

(1) Have a sleeve tattoo. It would go swell with red lipstick, pearl earrings, and a demanding beehive doo like Ms. Hepburn’s in Tiffany’s.

(2) Be the CEO of the WWE, just to interrupt wrestling matches like Vince McMahon did back in the day. I am bashful in admitting I admired his arrogance as he’d stop matches with his shenanigans.

(3) Have a Coffee Date with Frederick Douglass, Thomas Paine, Alice Walker, or William Shakespeare. All amazing writers.

(4) Learn How To Swing Dance. Oh what fun that would be! And I’d bet it would be a great way to burn calories.

(5) Be A Wedding Planner. I really enjoy a process. Imagine intricate details that include swan dresses, delicious catering, exotic booze, and love; it’s just glorious.

(6) Reenact “Eat. Pray. Love” with my own life. Self-explanatory.

(7) Play The Acoustic Guitar… in the street, for money; but not for the money. The amount of money I’d walk away with would represent my talent, so bring out the dolla’ dolla’ bills ya’ll.

(8) Be The Tambourine Player for The Beatles. I think I have a strong ethic and they would enjoy my company. And I’d enjoy their accents and of course, music. The first African-American “Penny Lane,” why not?

(9) Purchase a One-Way Ticket to a Foreign Country. South Africa, Egypt, Panama, Sudan, Fiji … these are some of my top go-to’s right now.

(10) Speak Fluent Spanish, Sober. You should hear me when I have a couple Long Islands, I’m pretty good. If only this could translate without alcohol in my system.

(11) Spend An Entire Day Watching “Catch Me If You Can.” That’s only just my favorite movie of all time. Great storyline, amazing soundtrack, oh and Leonardo DiCaprio is the main character!

Now it’s your turn…


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