Left Over Plates And More

Thanksgiving festivities are finally wrapping up. Now is the time for arrays of tupperware and lengths of aluminum foil to have their moment of glory. Today was fun. Thanksgiving always is. It feels good to be “all grown up” and be able to contribute to the many dishes at the dinner table. I was charged with preparing the mashed potatoes and willingly it was my honor to once again offer my almost infamous salad.

I can appreciate the sort of sacred tone that my grandmother likes to set by bringing out the untouched dinnerware. In my opinion families are much deserving of the one day a year to gather in this curious ritual to celebrate their kind. Needless to say, my mashed potatoes didn’t come out the way I wanted them to. I’m so far from being the woman who excels in her domestic expectations. I presented my salad with surprises of apple slices delighted that my loved ones would partake in something I put together. And then there were my unmashed potatoes that I tried to provide understanding for. It’s nice to know that I gave everyone a good laugh when they lifted the cover of my pot and saw diced potatoes with bits of bacon. Diced, not mashed. I let my inspiring chef of a brother take charge and finish my sloppy deed. Long story short, the mashed potatoes ended up being a hit! What a surprise. I definitely couldn’t of done it without the help of interdependency.

I’m not sure how many families begin their dinners, but my family begins by sharing what we’re grateful for. Usually this time is formal in that everyone takes a turn to share as we go around in a circle. Interestingly enough, we made the past formality optional. Whoever chose to speak did so. As I reflect on this, I think about the many words unsaid. I suppose those who warranted their thoughts and chose to keep them secure rather than experiencing the liberty in that moment, gave us something to look forward to. Those thoughts wrapped in aluminum foil or stuffed in tupperware for another time. Not as exceptional in its initial presentation, but if you’re like me, then left overs are always welcome.


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