Running Out Of Bad Days

I’m feeling like I’ve kind of run out of bad days. I wish that was because I had some kind of magical fortune, yet it’s not. Dismal… but so. For some reason the universe decided to bestow me with an unreasonable consumption of misfortunes. Despite, I’m realizing most of my troubles have had more a toll on my mind, rather than my heart. I suppose I’m thankful. God has certainly locked my heart and I’m grateful for the security.

It’s so remarkable how we can think we’re everything until we have nothing. Be careful what you wish for, right? It’s funny, because I’ve been asking God for humility, and he surely gave it to me. It’s so easy to forget that this world we live in, isn’t mine. It does not revolve around me. Even though, technically it does, because the earth revolves around the Sun, and we all know Leo’s are Sun-signs. Okay, forgive me for my astrological tangent. Like I was saying, this world isn’t mine. Everything isn’t about me. Although it took a few troubles for me to realize it, I’m thankful it was brought to my remembrance.

Regardless of the fact that I’m living a luxurious life of lack, I know I’ll make it. Although it’s testing, for some reason, I always make it through the tough times.


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