Star Struck

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the Queens of Webisodes, Issa Rae and Tracy Oliver, the co-creators of “The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl.” I was presented this show earlier this summer when a friend and I had an actual awkward moment during lunch. Things proceeded to get strange as he tried to unravel a summary of this internet exclusive show. As he referenced it, all I could do was question the title but look forward to maybe understanding her misadventures. Episode one was the genesis of my addiction. I knew I would be hooked as I empathized with main character J, as she rendered her bionic rap lyrics before bed. The scene was so brilliant and they offered it so honestly.

Finally a show that came with admittance that despite our strong efforts to convey this confident and comfortable being, we’re all subject to the anxiety of expectations, and at the end of it all, we’re all downright awkward. The panel session with Issa and Tracy was utterly amazing! They’re super down to earth, open to feedback, and very educated young women. They shared heart felt stories that have helped them learn more about themselves and cope with this thing called life. I appreciated how they found it humorous that people were creating connotations about things that seemed to have an underlying meaning, when in fact, their purpose in writing it, was for the simple idea of letting it be. And while they could shrug off these interpretations, they were still very much aware of the purging that Hollywood has undergone. It disappointed me to recognize the change in the television industry among the African-American community, especially amongst women. However, their visit to Brown University reassured me that there are people who are enlightening others and are dedicated to battling the retractions of the Los Angeles hills.

I treasured my moment with them. A friend was able to ask a question and coax them with our humor as she imitated a character on the show. She purposely proposed an awkward question in a “baby-voiced n*gga” or meek Darius voice. It was satisfying to create an awkward but hella’ funny moment for them! I’m not looking forward to the season wrapping up but I will be awaiting what is to come – more quick witted story lines and outstanding work from Issa, Tracy, and the talent Awkward Black Girl crew.


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