I Should Have Grabbed The Reese’s

Destiny was two minutes from manifesting its first perfect day. I had a great iced mocha from Small Point, was super productive at work, ate a healthy lunch, went to bible study, and ventured to Walgreens to spoil myself with therapeutic treats. I coasted through the makeup aisle like a turtle critically examining each orange sale sign. As I receded one more time with my hands full of fall colored lipsticks, gloss, and nail polish, I literally began to argue with myself. I wish I could tell you that this debate was on whether or not I should buy Cover Girl or a generic brand, but I stood in Walgreens contemplating if I should grab a holiday Reese’s peanut butter tree.

Not the Reese’s cups, but the holiday shaped treats that generously endow you with a lot more peanut butter. Reese’s PB Christmas Trees! My favorite holiday and favorite candy all in one! I fought temptation and made my way to the register without the most delicious 200+ calories treat. Thanks to a follower’s tweet, I was reminded to “live it.” If I want to be healthy, I need to live it. What a better way to start — right then, right there. I made my way out of the store to my car, Dead Red (yes that’s her name), but I had cold feet about the purchase I didn’t make.

While I wanted to listen closely to my provocative conscious dressed in red and hailed with horns, I had to let destiny have her way. I couldn’t have a perfect day if I wasn’t “living it” the way I wanted to. Finally in my car only two minutes from home; I’d hang my coat, get in my PJs, paint my nails, and enjoy episodes of The Office. Fate was to announce that she had done the impossible, bestowing someone the perfect day. I could envision myself awaiting her declaration until an opposing design took place. My car wouldn’t start.

For those who have been following my tweets and statuses lately, this wasn’t the first time Dead Red was having issues this week. As I let my head fall into my hands surrendering myself to the stress, a man in a AAA truck drove into the parking lot. Thank God for angels. This was the second time I met a good Samaritan this week. It must have been divine intervention, or another case of serendipity for the non-believers. I’m absolutely grateful the trouble wasn’t too overwhelming. With the support of an adjustable wrench and the strength of a skilled man tightening some loose bolts, Dead Red and I were back on the road. I’m exhaling and I can honestly say I’m fine now. There’s a calm that I can enjoy while I listen to a peculiar rhythm being made with the sound of my keyboard and John Legend’s “Ordinary People” playing. But, I must admit, in that moment when destiny met her adversary, all I could think was, I could sure use a Reese’s.


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