Social Equalizers

For the past few days I’ve been doing some serious reflecting on my focus in life. For those who know me, I spend a lot of time analyzing reasons for certain happenings. Although it can be easy to begin casting such activity as a moment to dwell on the past, I use it as more of time to contemplate how I can use that discerned wisdom for what is to come. Each and every one of us center our lives around something or someone, and it is vital to our being to be conscious of those priorities because they become our very own social equalizers.

What exactly is a social equalizer? Good question. To be honest I kind of made it up just now as I began to seep into deep thought, recognizing that there’s been such a thematic trend on “focus” in my life these past few days. A social equalizer is exactly just that — our focus, or center of being. For some of us our social equalizer serves as our personal security, balancing our every day activities. For others, their social equalizer challenges this law of balance and commences a precedent of dominance. Is there a healthier opt? I’m not sure. I think the most important part to point out is that we in fact have the power to choose and actually establish laws for our equalizers. Basically, we can do whatever we want.

It is interesting to critically synthesize the thought of an actual equalizer. In order for something to be equal or balanced there must be measurement. Perhaps this is when we can distinguish whether or not there is an actual healthier choice. We all have our own personal scales that begin with one measurement and end with another. Somewhere in the middle of that intangible spectrum is a middle ground that counters the two measurements to create peace in our lives.

As I meditate on this statement I begin to measure my actual routines and think about the actual time that I give and time that is not at all given. If we were to have a discourse on your everyday activities, what areas of your life would carry an abundant measure? Of course there are the uniform exercises like sleeping, working, eating and then there are all of these things that seem so minor but as we examine them on a more macro level we can mark devoted time and appreciation. As we are all on this continuum of the present we should be mindful of our own scales and where certain activities weigh. Don’t get me wrong, guilty pleasures can be healthy and create a balance to our social equalizers; but do we really want to allow those areas of our lives weigh us down?


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