Baby I Can See Your Halo

Beyonce delivers. She always does. There’s something about this ballad, celebrating its third anniversary of release in January, that touches. me. Sure, Beyonce touches us all, but the words, the symbolism, the honesty in this song… I can feel it. It’s emphatically refreshing to know that she was an intricate part of the song’s production in writing. While there are many artists who are great at entertaining, there are only a few performers who are actually apart of the first few brush strokes on their artistic canvas. The song begins so genuinely, so strong, so real… “Remember those walls I built, well baby their tumbling down.” The reality in the lives of most women, creating these havens in which we think no man can tear down, and then we meet our Samson who changes things… “And they didn’t even put up a fight, they didn’t even make a sound.”


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