Good for the Spirit, Healthy for the Soul

I’m having such a blissful Saturday morning. For some reason the Lord put it on my heart to listen to Karen Clark-Sheard and my God, it has been absolutely refreshing. It’s awakened memories of my childhood and my love of Gospel music. While Christian Gospel music can give you that deep south soulful feeling, there are also artists who have been sharing the Word with a more urban groove. Playing Karen Clark Sheard’s “2nd Chance” album has reminded me of this. I’m smiling because I’m reminiscent of a vivid picture of me jamming in my mother’s house on Cypress in 2002 as she played this on weekend mornings when I stayed with her. She’d rise with a delightful spirit ready to clean and set a sweet tone in her apartment with her expansive collection of candles. But there was another scent in the room, one that was good for the spirit and healthy for the soul. I know I’m not the best Christian and I have a waaaaaaaays to go, and lots to walk away from, but I’m grateful that I’ve been introduced to someone who will never walk away from me! If I don’t thank God enough for being the foundation in my life, let this post be the commencement of many thanks to come.


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