“Turn Wall Street Into Tahrir Square”

The Sharpied message read loud and clear on a large scrap of cardboard, “Turn Wall Street Into Tahrir Square.” Surely it’s a bold statement, for those who were able to follow the civil resistance against Muburak earlier this year. Protesters of the grass root movement, “Occupy Wall Street” are continuing to fill the streets of our translocal cities declaring their opposition to those in power in our financial sector. Despite the media’s efforts to depict this peaceful revolution into a disruptive demonstration led by people without a clear message, supporters are unified in that their message is clear, they are fed up! They’re done being forced to satisfy themselves as a 99% majority under the control of the wealthiest 1% in our country. Because I tend to let my flow of current events be limited to BBC and CNN reports, my ignorance of the events and actual protests carried into October. It was not until a colleague passed on the blog Occupy Wall St. that I was able to follow closely to this resistance that continues daily in New York City. Following the values of our greatest leaders of rebellion, Occupy Wall Street promises to state their demands using principles of non-violence founded by Ghandi. The cry against Wall Street continues daily and rightfully so. In the meantime I’ll be following the evolution of the protests hoping that the frustrations of every day Americans do not falter into a prospect of uprisings like Tahrir Square.


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