Oh Irene.

I’m sitting in my apartment patiently waiting for Hurricane Irene’s arrival on this dismal Saturday night. My A.C. is blowing, set at 64 degrees as an attempt to cool off. (Is having your A.C. on while you’re awaiting a hurricane breaking the rules? I have a feeling it is.) Personally, I’m tired of all the hype that the media has created around this storm. Okay, I guess it is serious considering the wind speed at dawn will reach about 30 mph. To be fair, I drew into the fear that the media has fed me. I think my overall decision to stay in on tonight was realizing that my windshield wipers really are no competition to this b*tch Irene. So, I’m staying in. And of course, I’m not alone — joining me for this storm is my murder mystery novel that I haven’t finished, a glass of ice and mixes of tropical punch (appropriate enough), artic berry vodka, and hypno. #VeryWelpThen.

I’ve got “Watch The Throne” on blast and I’m screaming out lyrics from N**gas in Paris, “What’s Gucci my n**ga?, What’s Louie my killa’?” No, this doesn’t make me cool, but those are fortunately or unfortunately, my favorite lyrics in that song. *sighs* C’est la vie (as a good friend would say lol).

So really though, let’s ponder a little… what would really happen if this storm hits and something actually occurs. I mean, I left unwashed dishes in my sink (there’s like 4 left, judge me). I have unfolded clothes in my bedroom. I would never want to be left without a breath and have my house looking a mess — am I the only one? I saw a tweet from a friend today quoting Tracy Morgan saying “Dress everyday as if you will be murdered in those clothes.” My initial reaction was “dead,” because honestly that’s some funny ish right there, but that’s REAL.

Okay, and not to be pessimistic — would if something of the sort happens. *Pause* proceeds to take another sip. The wind is blowing out there, it hasn’t given all it’s might yet. But still… Oh Irene, why have you messed up my gallery of postcards and birthday notes? You b*tch! Anyway, so would if, would if the dream I’m sinked into tonight is my last? What if this (delicious) drink beside me is my last? What if the prayer I said 20 minutes ago was my last? Will I have lived… and most importantly, will I have lived more abundantly?


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