Where I Left Off

Episode 20, Season 7 is now available on Hulu. *insert obnoxious smiley face here*

Although Season 8 is kicking off sometime soon and the show began in 2005, The Office became my new found love late last year. My colleagues continuously ranted about it at work during lunch and I even had friends who faithfully applied hash tags on twitter of corky quotes from their favorite characters. I was missing out and it never occurred to me until I fleeted through Season 1. I treated this brilliant show full of wit so inconspicuously.

Months later I found myself at war with Netflix when I so expeditiously made my way through every available season. I’ve never been the type of person to just catch episodes here and there. I can respect the nonchalant order of the sitcom or any show for that matter and I stick to the written arrangement and progression of every season and episode’s plot.

I’m a huge Jim and Pam fan as we all should be, but Andy and Michael are my favorites. Scenes with Toby and Michael always leave me with endless laughs and openings with Jim’s pranks on Dwight are indeed classic. The show is just greatness. I mean, c’mon one of their cast member’s last names is Krasinski (2nd best last name following fictional character Mark Brendanawicz of Parks and Recs). Despite my weak argument of the show’s indefinite excellence, I know there are a few of you who actually understand exactly what I’m saying.

The whole cast is just a riot. I’d like to drink with Meredith one day, watch someone piss off Stanley just so I can be there, and in the future have a husband who’s better than Bob Vans of Bob Van’s refrigeration so Phyllis can feel like sh*t (I’m a jerk, whatever). Gabe and I would console each other because I know what it’s like to have a weird voice. Lastly, I’d befriend Andy just so we could perform a duet one day.

While I could go on, the episode has fully buffered on Hulu and we all know who won this matchup. *Kanye shrug*


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