The Entrapment of Complacency

For the past couple of months I’ve fallen into the entrapment of complacency. I’ve lost of my goal oriented and futuristic strengths. When I say goal oriented it should not be confused with results oriented. I respect and enjoy the process of future decisions, therefore most of the work that I focus on has to do with exactly that — the process.

So it’s time to get right. It’s time to discover the answers to some really hard questions in my life. What do I want to do with it? While things like traveling, graduate school, and more service work are all in my imaginative horizons, it’s time to make those things a reality. At least process wise.

In my mind I’ve created this vast doodle of what it looks like to practice some of those things. I even drew out what it would be like to make those things interdependent of each other in the next step of my life. There’s a lot of work ahead of me. So as I exhale I take all the strength within me to step out of this entrapment. It’s time to get right.


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