Blogging Feng Shui (fung-shway)

I haven’t had an extensive journey as a blogger. Considering my short-term relationship with blogging, I’m still not even sure if referring to myself as an official “blogger” is the politically correct term in the social network world. However, it feels good to say with a sigh of relief that I have finally found the right place for my thoughts.

I’ve learned sometimes it’s more beneficial to let collective research override your impulse. For example, you don’t just view an item on Craigslist and quickly fall in love with it because if it’s cheap price. You scope out the images and make comparisons. In particular if you’re looking for an apartment, you skip the shady ones that are repeated posts without any photos. So, you’ve started the research, right? Yes, but you’re hardly finished. There’s always a visit. And what attributes to your decision making? The Feng Shui (pronounced fung-shway). I learned the importance of Blogging Feng Shui (pronounced fung-shway) the hard way.

My blogging experience initially started on the popular site Tumblr. It’s vibrant web design and interactive tools were appealing but I never asked the question of belonging? As a young professional in the non-profit sector working closely with high school and college students, it’s hard to find a venue that fits my needs in form of being contemporary enough for me but private enough for me at the same time. I know through a few clicks in Preferences or Account Settings I can change those things, but I’d rather not close myself off as I must in my membership in other social media sites. While on Tumblr, my students could easily access my posts, they were my first “followers” and my homepage/dashboard looked like the inside of a middle school student’s locker. I needed out, asap!

With every login was a lost sense of pride in my posts and the venue therein. Through further exploration I was sold by WordPress. What appealed to me the most? The idea of community members actually creating the site. I admire inclusion and I suppose if I were to write a cover letter attempting to receive WP’s acceptance of my membership, I would say undoubtedly we share the same values!

So as I’m sitting at my laptop I realize I should probably wrap this thing up. It’s 11:11 pm (I never really was into the whole, ‘make a wish thing’), and there will be a train waiting for me bright and early. Therefore, rather calling this the conclusion to my post, I can say this is the preamble of many interesting posts to come! Moral of the story: There’s feng shui in all things, even blogging.


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